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Streamlined Online Safety Training: Empowering Governors in digital policy, arming Teachers with safe tech tools, and guiding Parents on internet safety.

  • Primary and Secondary Education
  • Further and Higher Education
  • Special and Alternative Provision

Governors / Senior Leaders

Transforming Leaders into Digital Defenders

Our Online Safety Training for Governors equips school leaders with the knowledge and tools to oversee and implement effective digital safety policies. Understanding the unique challenges and responsibilities at the governance level, this training provides insights into compliance, policy development, and strategic planning for a safe digital learning environment. Governors are empowered to lead and advocate for robust online safety standards in their educational institutions.


Safeguarding classrooms in the digital age

Teachers are the frontline of digital education, and our Online Safety Training for Teachers is designed to enhance their ability to safeguard students in the digital world. This hands-on training covers various topics, from recognising online risks to integrating safe digital practices into the curriculum. Teachers gain practical skills to educate and protect students, fostering a secure and responsible online learning environment.


How prepared are you, really?

Our Online Safety Training for Parents addresses the critical role parents play in their children's digital lives. This training empowers parents with essential knowledge to guide and protect their children online. Covering topics like social media safety, digital footprints, and managing screen time, we provide parents with strategies to tackle digital challenges and support their children’s safe and healthy use of technology.

Dedicated Online Guardian Book Series

Meet Fizz and Pixel

This book series has been designed so that each book can be a stand-alone storybook for parents and teachers of children aged 5 to 7 (Key Stage 1). Each book includes activities to reinforce the learning in the story. Once each book has been read, it provides references where teachers and parents can find more information to help keep children safer online.

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Safer, Smarter, Stronger
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